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1. Air your mattress
All Odearest beds are made to order with fresh materials. It may take a period of time for your new bed smell to dissipate. After removing the packaging, stand your mattress on its side to air for a number of hours in a well ventilated room and regularly air your mattress to prolong its lifespan.

2. Breaking in the bed
As with a new pair of shoes, you will take time to adapt to your new bed. Please allow up to 2 weeks to adapt to your new bed.

3. Fit an underblanket
To protect your mattress from body moisture and allergen ingress, fit an undersheet between the bed linen and the mattress

4. Turn the mattress
Except for turn free, your mattress should be regularly turned to ensure that filling materials do not settle over time. Regularly rotate turn free mattresses for the same reasons. Rotate top to bottom once a month for the first three months, and thereafter every season.

5. Fitting castors
Gently tap home with a mallet or hammer which is turned sideways on. Use “u clips” or connector links to connect bases which come in two halves.

6. Correct use of mattress
Ensure sufficient access especially for super-king sizes and during installation ensure that there is no bending, twisting or folding of the mattress in order to force it as this will damage the interior.   Avoid activity that this product was not designed for, such as jumping on, working upon, bending or folding the mattress. Excessive strain may damage the component parts beyond repair.

7. Drawer options
Do not overload or store heavy items inside storage drawers. This may damage drawers beyond repair.

8. Prevent stains
If you have particular concerns, we advise that you deploy a waterproof sheet on the mattress. Mattress tickings cannot be guaranteed completely colourfast.  Mattress protectors are also advised to keep the mattress clean and safe.

9. Bases
We recommend that you always put a new Odearest mattress on a new Odearest base. Placing a new mattress on an old base may strain the new mattress and reduce its useful lifespan. If using a slatted base, ensure that gaps between slats are not wider than 3 inches.

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